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    We worked on the visual campaign for the 2020 BLON - Animation and Games Festival in Klaipeda, Lithuania, with Mantas Rimkus from the Taktika studio. We developed a constructor-like principle of illustrations and identity elements to demonstrate the diversity of festivals' programs, attendees, and participants.
    About BLON:
    BLON is an innovative festival of unique format inviting to experience outstanding animated films, games, AR and VR from around the globe. BLON is a boutique space where young talents interact with industry sharks, the festivals aims to promote exchange of knowledge, experience and inspiration among animation and games professionals. Besides programmes of most creative, fun and controversial animated films and games for (young) adults, BLON presents beautiful, artistic content for young audiences.
    Client: BLON - Animation and Games Festival (
    Art Direction\ Graphic design: Mantas Rimkus (
    Illustration: A.Bran
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