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Casa da Musica

    The Casa da Musica Foundation in Porto, Portugal invites four unique artists to contribute visuals to their new education service program each year. I was asked to participate this year along with three other artists.
    Fundação Casa da Música (Casa da Musica Foundation) is an institution of public interest governed by private law, established by the Portuguese State and the Municipality of Porto, joined by the Private Founders. It is governed by its statutes set out in Decree-Law No. 18/2006 of January 26th. This model was considered ideal to enhance Casa da Música's principles of autonomy, flexibility, stability and professionalism.
    The Foundation aims at promoting, fostering, disseminating and carrying out cultural activities as well as training in the field of music.
    It is structured around three organs: Board of Trustees , Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.
    Art Direction, Design, Text: Casa da Musica Foundation/ Servico Educativo
    Illustration: A.Bran
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