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VCB Bookstores

    I had the opportunity to create 11 illustrations and a map for Vilnius Central Library a brand-new service that was created during the quarantine situation.
    “The idea of bookstores was born during quarantine, when libraries did not serve readers. At the time, we were looking for ways to stay in touch with readers and publish books in a secure, contactless way. This is how the services of transporting books home, reading books by phone to the elderly, free e-book subscription appeared, ”says Rima Gražienė, the director of Vilnius Central Library, about the novelty of the library.

    Each book illustration depicts various library activities, geographical symbols, and colors found throughout the city. You can order your book and pick it up from a nearby location at any time. This is the outcome:
    Client: Vilnius Central Library
    Illustration: ABran
    Design: Vaidonė Dabriškaitė
    Pictures: Vytautas Narkevičius
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